Hair System Attachment & Removal

Because we’re all so different, and no two hair systems are exactly alike, attachment and hair replacement bonding may seem confusing at times. After all, you do have a ton of options – luckily, you also have us and we brought our handy little attachment toolbox:


Probably the most vital part of hair system attachment is proper scalp preparation. To ensure a longer, most secure bond, these step-by-step instructions are essential.


Tape Adhesives

The most popular method of attachment for both daily and extended wear hair systems is using hairpiece tape. Here we explain the various types, colors and contours.


Liquid Adhesives

Another popular method of toupee attachment, especially for extended wear hair systems. Here we explain the two main types, differences between them and how to use each properly


Daily Wear Tips

If you take your hair system off everyday or every few days, but never leave it on for more than 1 week at a time, these tips are for you.


Extended Wear Tips

If you wear your hair system for more than 1 week at a time before taking it off, use these tips for a stronger, longer-lasting hair replacement bonding.


Removal Instructions

Taking your hair system off can be tricky and a little dangerous if you don’t know the right procedure. If you’re looking for an easy and SAFE way to remove your hairpiece or toupee, maybe we can help.