Getting rid of over-priced clubs and cheap “one-size-fits-all" wigs is what ordering direct is all about

Thanks to the hundreds of women every month taking a chance on ordering direct, our female services and product selection has been growing fast. So as a woman suffering from hair loss, you’ve got more choices than ever!Those cheap “one-size-fits-all" wigs are off the shelf, uncomfortable and rarely look natural. If you’ve been to a retail salon or club, you might already know how great a custom-made hair unit can be, but you also know the prices and sleazy tactics are gouging and just plain mean!

But that’s the problem; you still want your hair back. And yeah, you want to look good. But it’s really about feeling like your old self again. Like so many of our female clients, you probably want this so badly that you’re willing to go through just about anything to get it. We get that. But we want to make it easier for you. Having really great, naturally-bonded, soft and silky hair (that’s also affordable) is totally doable. It really is.


Twenty designs to choose from and you can customize them any way you like.


Full Caps

A popular solution for female hair loss, these units cover your entire head.


Fitting Kit

First step to custom. Everything needed to measure, mold and design your unit.


Custom-made, bonded hair systems for women come in many forms including full capspartials that fit behind a natural hairline and yes, lace front wigs. Any and all of these units can be designed and tailored just for you. So no more compromises!

Oh, and the best part? You can get your hair, maintain it yourself, attach/remove etc. all from the privacy of home! Seriously, there are literally thousands of women from all over the world getting their hair direct right now. Of course we can’t forget to mention that every hair system we sell is 100% money-back guaranteed. Just keeps getting better, right? 🙂