Take control of your hair system. Whether you’re a new or experienced hair wearer, we have all the educational tools you need to feel comfortable and confident with hair replacement — all while finding the best system for you in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Attachment and Removal

Everyone’s scalp is different, and no two hair systems are the same. On top of that, there are endless options for attachment and removal of your hair systems. So which is the best? Use these handy educational pieces to begin choosing what’s just right for you.


Hair Replacement 101

You’re beginning to consider hair replacement, and the options and information are little overwhelming, right? Figuring out what’s the best choice can be difficult, but we’re here to help! Soak in some information about the most popular hair replacement options to learn the pros and cons for yourself.


Care and Maintenance

It’s a tough world out there for a hair system. It takes proper upkeep to extend any hair system’s longevity, and keep it looking great. Ensure you get the most out of your investment with these educational tips and how-to material!


Products and Accessories

We have the important information you need on adhesives, solvents, and just about every necessary product in between. Get an insider lesson on all the stuff that sticks, styles, cleans, conditions and removes your hair system.


Ordering Guide and Tips

Ordering your system is no minor detail, and we want it to be correct just as much as you do. Check out these links for expert tips and exclusive tools to get your order just right.