Ordering Guide & Tips

No illusions here. Ordering a hair replacement system can seem daunting. But you’re never alone when you roll with us! Consider this your GPS for need-to-know tips, answers, and advice for a jam-free journey to a great head of hair.

Hair System Base Guide

We know you’re hair system needs are unique
and choosing a hair system may be a little scary. We’ve got information to help you make educated decisions while choosing the hair system that is a perfect fit for you.


Common Order Mistakes

There are several common mistakes that hair wearers commonly make when ordering a custom hair system. We’d like you to learn from the mistakes of others and the process help make your pursuit of finding the perfect hair system a hassle-free experience.


Choosing a Hairstyle

The most popular method of attachment for both daily and extended wear hair systems is using hairpiece tape. Here we explain the various types, colors and contours.


Hair System Density Guide

One main key to obtaining a natural-looking hair system is choosing the proper density. Our density guide will help you discover how to determine and ultimately how to order the proper density for you.


Hair System Color Guide

If your system color is off, you stand little chance of having the undetectable system you deserve. Learn how to determine your natural hair color and perfectly match it when ordering your next custom hair system.


For less stress and more peace of mind, always have a backup system.
A backup system isn’t just a luxury, it’s an insurance policy.


Custom Fitting Kit

Our custom fitting kit makes it really easy to design and order your custom hair system. There are separate kits for men and women with real hair samples, design tools and an easy-to-follow DVD to help you through the entire process.