Basic Products For Beginners

Ok, so now you’re waiting for your brand new box of hair from us or even another supplier. Congrats for pulling the trigger on a do-it-yourself hair loss solution!

Most seasoned hair-wearers and our hair replacement consultants agree that before your new mane arrives, you should tuck the products below into your hair-wearing utility belt.

Remember, these suggestions are by no means exhaustive. We’re just pointing out the bare necessities you’ll need to attach and remove your hair system. Many hair-wearers follow a regimen with significantly more products for great looking, longer-lasting systems.

Attachment (Tapes)

That hair of yours has to stick to your head somehow. Now we know there’s a endless sea of this stuff to choose from, so to help you out, here’s a few recommendations based on our experience and what we’ve heard through the grapevine.

Daily Wear: Red Liner Tape
Red Liner tapes generally provide 2-3 days bonding time. Not considered “medical grade," and in rare cases, could cause an allergic reaction.

Extended Wear: Supertape
Supertape should provide 2-4 weeks of bonding time. People rave about this adhesive because it’s slow to break down and generally easier to remove and clean up. Because it’s slightly thicker (and we do mean slightly) than other tapes, some hair-wearers report that dust buildup can be more visible at the front hairline.

Removal (Solvents)

What goes on must come off, right? So when you’re ready to detach your system, solvents are your best friend because they loosen up adhesives for easier removal/cleanup. Our hair replacement consultants have a few solvent suggestions for first-timers.

For Base Cleaning:
ProTouch Adhesive Remover

Soak your lace or poly base hair system in ProTouch Adhesive Remover for fast, effective removal of tape residue or bonding adhesives.

For Scalp Cleaning:
ProTouch CleanSkin Scalp Cleaner

With one simple and refreshing step, you can remove the residues and oils from your scalp and perfectly prepare your skin for your next attachment.

For Removal : Lace Release

Using Lace Release helps to remove your hair system from your head safely and easily. It also helps to protect the base from damage during removal. Lace Release also works well to quickly and cleanly remove tape from your base.

Tip: ProTouch Adjust A-Bond

Our “Not-Really-Essential-But-Still-Nice-To-Have" Product Suggestion of the Day…

Spray this magic elixir on your scalp and/or base right before attachment and it should save you from the calamity of a crooked hairpiece. How? It prevents your adhesive from sticking right away and gives you a few extra seconds to make adjustments. Nice, huh?

Ready for More?

Think you’ve got a good handle on ins-and-outs of attachment and removal? Awesome! Then mosey on over for a rundown on must-have products for more experienced hair-wearers.

Hair System Products Golden Rule: No Two People Are Alike

Someone raves about a product on the forums. Then some other eager hair-wearer flies to the store to buy it, only to be disappointed by the results. Happens all the time. So at the risk of sounding like a broken record here, just remember that not every product will work as well for you as they do for someone else. The important thing is not to get discouraged. Even though it can seem tiresome (ok, it is tiresome), trying out different products is probably the best way to sift the stuff you need from the stuff you don’t.