Tips for Ordering Hair

Do you know what the most common ordering mistakes are for hair wearers today? We do, and we’ll show you how to avoid them.

We all want the most natural, undetectable appearance possible from our hair system. Unfortunately, many hair wearers misjudge their density level, hairline recession and/or placement of the unit.

These are common mistakes that can be easily avoided. Here’s how…

Order the proper density

Many hair wearers will order too much density in their hair system thinking it can be thinned out later. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

Thinning out the density from a hair system will leave tiny stubble against the base and creates an unnatural, rough feel when you run your fingers through the hair. Instead, it’s best to err on the side of lighter density.

Order enough hairline recession

Having a disproportionate frontal hairline recession (to your age and hair style) is a common indication that you might be wearing a hairpiece.

Determining the proper recession for your hair system is a matter of following the line/pattern of where your padded facial tissue ends and your less-padded cranial tissue begins.

Quick Note: Approximately 90% of all front hairline recessions will follow the shape of either the D, B or CC hairpiece tape contour.

Place the system in the proper position

Over the years of wearing hair, many people will gradually begin to place the system too far forward on their head. This is another common mistake.

You probably already know about the “4 fingers above the eyebrow" rule. Unfortunately this isn’t always accurate because forehead size and finger width can vary greatly from person to person.

Instead, proper hair system placement is more an issue of determining where your facial and cranial tissue meet. To duplicate nature and ensure your system is placed in the correct position, it should start about 1/2" from where your facial tissue ends.