Keeping Your Hair System Soft

Hair softness is all about the sebum, or lack thereof anyway. Each and every one of your natural, growing hairs is constantly being coated with a very fine layer of sebum. This is why your hair feels oily after several days of not washing (not that you’d go that long without washing your hair… right?)

What’s sebum? Glad you asked. Sebum is a natural semi-fluid secreted by the sebaceous gland. Your sebaceous glands are most commonly found attached to individual hair follicles where they can deposit sebum and bring it to the skin surface along the hair shaft.

This sebum coating helps to keep your natural growing hair hydrated, strong and soft. Unfortunately the hair attached to your hair system doesn’t enjoy such a luxury.

When you order a hair replacement system with human hair (as opposed to synthetic) there is always a small amount of sebum remaining on the hair strands. But constant wear and cleaning will eventually remove all traces leaving the hair in your system dry and brittle.

What can be done to keep the hair softer for longer?

Maintaining a soft head of hair is a problem we all face. It’s one of those unfortunate and inevitable realities that come along with wearing a hair replacement system. But there are a few tips you might find helpful.

Keeping your hair replacement system from feeling like straw is just as much about what you don’t do as it is about what you do, do.

Don’t Do’s 

 Excessive shampooing

 Constant swimming and exposure to chlorine

 Blow drying your hair

Do Do’s (if possible):

 More conditioning, try leave-in conditioners

 Air dry your hair

 Use hair products that contain sunscreen

In a perfect world your hair system would stay soft forever

But alas, we don’t live in a perfect world. Maybe one day we’ll be able to engineer a hair system that doesn’t have softness issues. Until then all hair wearers will struggle with keeping their hair as soft as it was the first day.

If you order your hair replacement online (factory-direct from a company like Hair Direct) one comfort might be that ordering a brand new system is easy and affordable, check out our prices and cost savings plan that could put you in a new hair system whenever
your hair starts to lose it’s original softness.