Super Fine Mono HW

HD21 /  Lace Front w/Conventional Top

Base Description

The HD21 could be an actual “has it both ways" hair framework. It includes a characteristic, subtle front hairline like our full trim bases and fulfills your wish for more strength with an ordinary back and top. With a normal base, the back and sides are tightened up with a 1" poly covering. That makes it somewhat less ambitious to clean

C-Thru Skin Back

HD22 / Lace Front Hair System With C-Thru Skin Back

Base Description

In the development that our bases are a family, you could say that the HD22 is the affable twin of the HD21. This base mainly includes a characteristic, subtle front hairline, however skin replaces the ordinary nylon back you could discover on  HD21 plan. trust on a cosmic front appearance with a High Definition, transitional thickness hairline and paled bunches.

Poly Skin Back

HD04 / New York (French) Lace Front & Top w/Poly Skin Back & Sides

Base Description

The HD04 is one ribbon front hair framework that does everything. Envision the imperceptible front hairline and comfortable best of a full trim hairpiece with the additional strength of a skin border. On the off chance that a characteristic front appearance is essential to you, you’re in fortunes since this base has a High Definition Hairline with dyed bunches. You’ll get a good best view as well, as the whole base is made with New York Lace for an alleviating fit and breezy feel. For additional quality and less demanding cleaning, the edge and ribbon front are fortified with a 1" poly skin. What’s more, the ribbon fronts are absolutely replaceable. A light to medium hair thickness works best for this base. On the off chance that you need an adjusted combo of ribbon and skin, the HD04 may be the approach.

Super Fine Mono NY

HD06 / New York (French) Lace Front w/Conventional Top

Base Description

Searching for a base with the firmness of a custom hair framework and an subtle trim hairline? Consider the HD06. While its front look is better to its best view, this base is as yet an average blend of strength and a characteristic look (Leaning more toward appearance). A changeable, bind front puts it keeping pace with a full ribbon hair framework hairline. A 1" translucent poly skin around the edge offers strong and simpler cleaning. The super-fine monofilament nylon focus is agreeable, yet not as comfy as a full trim hair framework. A light to medium substantial hair thickness suits this base best.

Zig-Zag Skin Top

HD18 / Hollywood (Swiss) Lace Zig-Zag Front w/C-Thru Skin Top

Base Description

The HD18 is a distortion for the ribbon front hair framework: It offers a similarly not too bad front appearance. In addition, triple-point infusion circling security the hair to the unit for quite a while. The unit is made with a binding and a see -Thru skin top. Skin frameworks aren’t breathable, so comfort isn’t a very solid point. Be that as it may, you can modify it to coordinate your skin tone. A hand-woven, “crisscross" poly front gives additional toughness, simpler taping and cleaning. Hair is added through the HD18 on the best, sides and back for an added level of security. Concerning hair thickness, you should consider to a light to medium with this base.

Zig-Zag Conventional Top

HD11 / Double Layer Reinforced Lace Front w/a Conventional Top

Base Description

The HD11 is a cousin to the “crisscross" front HD18 hair additional framework, yet includes a basic best and1" polyurethane sides and back for added solidness. Also a twofold layer of strengthened triming at the front  The truth is out . The alternative of a High Definition Hairline improves the accuracy. About that “crisscross": Count on included toughness and less demanding taping. In any case, not at all like the HD18, the crisscross don’t stretch out to the front edge. A light to medium hair thickness works best with this base. The HD11 is the ideal base for those searching for a stellar front appearance and expanded solidness versus other ribbon front hair frameworks.