Lace Front Hairline Cleanup

Step-by-Step Instructions

A lace front hair system can provide a natural, undetectable appearance but it can also be tricky to maintain. Even if you shampoo your hair everyday, airborne dirt and dust particles can easily stick to the adhesive along the front hairline. The instructions below will show you quick, simple tips for keeping that lace front hairline clean and looking great.

What You Will Need

Preparing the toilet paper or make-up pad

Begin by spraying a generous amount (approximately 5-7 pumps) of the Adjust A-bond onto a piece of folded toilet paper or make-up pad.

If you don’t have ProTouch Adjust A-Bond you can use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol commonly found in your neighborhood pharmacy or grocery store.

We do recommend using disposable make-up pads for better durability. But if you’re using toilet paper, be sure it is folded together enough so it won’t tear from the moisture.

Wiping away the dirt

After you have sufficiently dampened the paper towel or toilet paper, pull back and hold the hair away from your hairline. Grasping the very edge or corner of the toilet paper, you can then begin to wipe away the visible dirt or adhesive residues.

Be sure to do this very gently so you won’t risk any damage to your hair system. We also recommend wiping in a downward direction away from your hair, this will help keep the front edge of your hair system securely attached to your scalp.