Must-Have Hair Replacement Product Checklist

Ok, so once you feel like you’ve mastered the basics of hair system products. And as you wear hair for awhile, you’ll run into common hair system problems–dryness, tangling and oxidation chief among them–that all hair wearers face at some point. Below you’ll find some hair-saving and hair-maintaining product essentials:

Now there are a few items—stuff like tapes, glues, solvents, etc.—that are missing from this list and it may seem crazy that we didn’t include them. Don’t worry, we haven’t lost our minds! We

just thought that since we already covered the nitty-gritty, basic product stuff, we’d focus on products that really take your hair-wearing experience to the next level.

Seven Products You Should Have in Your Hair System Toolbox

Leave-In Conditioner – Any type of conditioning is beneficial to your hair system, but leave-in conditioners for hairpieces are ideal because they not only keep hair feeling silky, but many (like Nearly Natural Moisture Mist) also contain sunscreen protection that helps fight hairpiece color fading (oxidation).

Hair System/Wig Block – Heads and half-caps, wig blocks and stands are perfect for wig and hairpiece storage/protection and off-of-head styling. T-pins are an ideal companion product because they hold your hairpiece securely in place when styling and storing on a Styrofoam head or wig block.

ProTouch Adjust A-Bond – Adjust A-Bond is like a time machine in a bottle and here’s why: When you’re trying to get your hair system straight on your scalp, only a few seconds can separate awesome and awful. Why? Because your hairpiece may immediately stick to your scalp when it makes contact with your skin. Adjust A-Bond prevents your adhesive from sticking right away, giving you a few extra moments to make adjustments if your placement is off kilter.

ProTouch No Sweat – Scalp perspiration is frustrating to novice and veteran hair-wearers alike. Sweat can weaken your bond, shift your placement and shorten wear time. No Sweat works by blocking the oils and salt in your perspiration to form a barrier of protection between them and your bond

Knot Sealer – Ironically, the products that help you style and maintain your system can also cause a buildup that can weaken your hair system knots over time, causing hair loss. So a knot sealer’s primary function is to prevent hair loss by locking the knots to the hair system base with a thin layer of silicone. And some sealers, like TDi Knot & Tape Tab Sealer, can even strengthen your tape bond.

Exfoliating Mitt (Glove) – Kind of like a loofah for your scalp, these gloves can be worn on either hand to remove itchy, dead skin cells for a thorough head cleaning to bring healthy, attachment-ready skin to the surface.

What’s not on the list?

Ok, so here’s our big “duh" list of products we didn’t include on our must-have list.

We figure most hair wears will already have these common (yet still important) items listed above. For more Product 101 goodness, checkout the six basic categories of hair replacement products.

A Comb & A Brush – Sure, this might seem like a no-brainer, but a comb and brush are vital not only for styling, but as tools for touch-ups and maintenance. Resin, wide-tooth combs and brushes usually work best because they allow the hair to pass through smoothly to reducing tugging and pulling.