Problems & Solutions from the Hair System

As much as we’d like hair-wearing to be 100% trouble-free, sooner or later a problem is bound to creep up and drive you to call 911. Or at the very least, annoy the living heck out of you! So here’s a quick list of some typical questions/problems that we run into, and some products that can help you keep your hair system out of the emergency room and off life support.

How do I prevent sun discoloration of my hairpiece?

You don’t. Hair system discoloration from the sun (oxidation) is unfortunate, but inevitable part of hair-wearing. The good news is that with a little vigilance and the right products, like color depositing conditioners and sunscreen conditioners, you can keep that nasty old sun at bay longer than going without any treatment at all.

Is it possible to bleach the knots on my lace hairpiece at home?

It sure is. Of course if your hair supplier performs this service at the factory, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. But if they don’t, there are bleaching kits available in your local beauty supply store or on our site that will help you do the job. In fact, here’s a video tutorial to step you through the process!

How can I stop dust and dirt from ruining my hairline?

You can’t. Even if you clean your hair every single day, airborne dirt particles will still find their way into your hairline. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol or ProTouch Adjust A-Bond can help tremendously with this common hair system problem.

My hair feels like straw. What can I do about the dryness?

Condition, condition, condition. Did we mention condition (leave-in conditioners work best)? Oh, and use hair system maintenance products with sunscreen. Don’t overdo the shampooing and let your hairpiece air dry, rather than blow dry.

Can I prevent hair from showing up on my pillow in the morning?

Hair loss in hair systems is all about friction and bacteria. To limit these problems, use a satin pillowcase while sleeping (cuts down on friction), avoid excessive combing, and use protein-enriched, leave-in conditioners to fight bacteria.

What's the easiest way to perform a color touchup on my unit?

If you want to get your system back to its original color and luster quickly and safely, sometimes a color depositing conditioner, like Back2Natural works best. Plus, you’ll avoid the complexity of hair coloring kits.

Help! My system is a tangled mess! How do you safely detangle a hair system?

Hair system tangling can be the granddaddy of all hair system maintenance problems. Detangle a hair system the wrong way and you could do more harm than good. Hydration shampoos and a vent brush will help prevent hair strands from intertwining.