Hairpiece and toupee tape adhesives used for hair system attachment are double-sided and most are commonly referred to as “surgical” or “medical grade” adhesive strips. These terms mean that the hairpiece tape was made in a sterile environment.

Tape for Every Type of Hair Replacement System

All toupee tape is clear (except for cloth tape). However, it comes in several colors and types for various applications, such as red liner tape.

In addition to all those colors, toupee adhesive will typically sell in rolls or as strips. The strips are available in various contours specifically shaped to fit the front hairline and outer edge of many popular toupees &  hair systems.

Choosing the hairpiece tape that will work best for you doesn’t have to be difficult. We have a team of qualified hair replacement consultants who can assist you with selecting a tape based on your unique needs — like the length of time you’d like to attach, the type of base you have (lace or poly) and whether or not you need a low-shine tape. We can also recommend tapes for oily or sensitive skin.

The information provided below will help you get started but if you need more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Want help from other hair wearers? Feel free to ask for opinions in our Community.

If you choose to bond your hair system, but remove it daily (or every 1-3 days), you’ll want to choose a low-tack tape that is still secure, but designed for short-term use so you can safely remove it from your scalp without damaging the base.

Extended-wear tapes are designed to last approximately 1-4 weeks, depending on the tape. The length of hold depends on several variables, such as the user’s body chemistry, lifestyle, maintenance routine, etc. It is important you don’t assume a tape labeled by the manufacturer as having 4+ week hold will necessarily achieve those results for you. Typical hold times reported by customers for extended-wear tapes vary and are about 1-2 weeks on average.

If you have very oily skin, chances are that any tape will break down much faster. For example, a four-week tape might only last you three days! To help you get started, below are a few customer favorites for oily skin that provide a stronger hold. They might not necessarily be designed for oily skin, but are known to work well for customers with it.

If you know yourself to have sensitive scalp skin or are having a reaction to another adhesive, you may want to consider the following tapes, which are manufactured to medical grade or hypoallergenic standards. This is in no way to be considered medical advice. If you have a skin reaction, please discontinue the product and contact a physician immediately.

If you choose to use tape as an adhesive, but have a very light density and feel you can see the tape shine through the lace base, considering the following tapes designed to have no or low shine:

Contours, Rolls & Sizes of Hairpiece Tape

In addition to the many different types and colors of hairpiece tape, most are also available in various sizes, contoured strips and widths. This is because hair systems can vary in shape and size – so different contours and sizes of toupee tape are made to custom fit your system. Reviewing the four main types of tape contours as well as other forms that hairpiece tape is sold in will help you make the best choice for you and your hair system.

Contour Shapes

Contours can come in a wide variety of different shapes and each shape is typically available in all the different colors of toupee tape. The most common contours are A, B, CC and D as pictured below.

Most hair replacement wearers will use these contours at the front hairline or back of the hair system depending on the shape and angle of the unit. If your system does not match one of the available contours, you can always just buy straight strips or rolls and cut the tape accordingly.

Along with many online retailers, we sell these toupee tape contours in bags of 36 strips each. Please look around for the contour and color that best meets your needs, or call us toll-free at 1-800-424-7436 to speak with one of our qualified hair replacement consultants.

Rolls and Tape Widths

Not only are toupee adhesives available in the contours shown above, they also come in rolls that vary in both length and width. The rolls allow you to customize the area of your hair system that is taped – they also allow you to purchase a hairpiece tape that will fit the exact width of your polyurethane perimeter.

Rolls of hairpiece tape normally sell in several different widths including 1/2", 3/4" and 1" and depending on where you buy they’re normally available in varying lengths from 3 yards to 36 yards so you’ll have plenty to work with before you run out and need to re-order.

No matter where you buy your toupee tape or what type or size you prefer to use, it’s important to know how to best apply and wear it. Proper application and scalp preparation are essential to receiving the most out of your hair system attachment.

Attach Your Hair System with Hairpiece Tape

Step-by-Step Instructions

Using hairpiece tape to attach your hair replacement system is an easy (mess free) way to get a secure bond for both daily and extended wear.

Below we’ll show you how to apply tape to your hairpiece. You can use these tips for most types of tape. Not sure what type of tape you need? It all depends on how long you like to wear your unit, get help choosing the right hairpiece tape.


Proper scalp preparation is essential to achieving strong hair replacement bonding! Before you attach your hair system with toupee tape or adhesive, it is absolutely vital that you first clean and prepare your scalp thoroughly. Preparing your scalp properly will ensure the best possible bond for your hair system

What You Will Need

 Applying tape to the base

Your first step is to apply the toupee tape to the under part of the base of the hair system. Start by finding a contour that matches the shape of the outer edge of your base. If there isn’t a contour that matches, simply cut a strip from an adhesive roll to fit.

In this example, the hair system has a lace base with a poly edge in the front. We recommend you always apply red liner tape to the poly first, then cover it with an extended wear tape, unless you are doing a daily attachment. Keep in mind, red liner tape does not stick to lace, so you’ll need to find a different daily wear or extended wear tape to use on lace areas.

To attach tape to your hair system, peel back the liner from the tape.When applying the tape, place it as close to the outer edge as possible without protruding past the edge of your system. Press the tape down firmly.Once the tape has been applied to the base, peel the backing off the strips that will attach to your scalp.

Place onto head

Next, slowly and carefully place the unit onto your head. We highly recommend spraying an alcohol-based formula, like our Adjust A-Bond, onto the scalp first. This will prevent the toupee adhesive from immediately sticking to the skin and provide a few minutes of drying so you can adjust the hair system into exactly the right place.

Once the unit is on your head, adjust it into place and carefully apply pressure to all the tape areas. Now your hair system is secure, bonded with hairpiece tape and ready to wear for styling.

Condition your hair system

Finally, spray a light mist of water over the hair, followed by a few pumps of a spray on conditioner. These “leave-in" conditioners will help your hair system to stay soft and supple. (We recommend ProTouch Spray On Leave In Conditioner for ultimate protection

Quick Tip:

If you like your hair to have the “wet look" be safe and use ProTouch Spray Gel Mist, it’s specifically formulated for hair replacement systems. Then spend a few minutes brushing and direction styling your hair; allow to dry naturally.

Applying Pro-Flex Tape to Your Hair System

Step-by-Step Instructions

If you use Pro-Flex strips or tape tabs to attach your hair system, these tips and the diagram below will help you get a stronger, longer-lasting bond.


Proper scalp preparation is essential to achieving strong hair replacement bonding! Before you attach your hair system, it is absolutely vital that you first clean and prepare your scalp.

What You Will Need

Apply tape to the underside of your hair system

After properly preparing and cleaning your scalp,remove one side of the toupee tape and apply to the underside of your hair system. There are two popular methods used these days; Full Scalp Bond or Perimeter Bond.

Attach hair system to your scalp

Once the hairpiece tape is applied to your system, then you can remove the protective liner and attach to your scalp. Start with the front and then move toward the back.

Removing Your System

  • Starting from the front, gently lift the system up while spraying on Lace Release. After removal, it’s highly recomended that you clean your system thoroughly to remove any adhesive residues.